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Why Empowered U?

A multi-family group approach to supporting eating recovery.

EMPOWERED U is a collaboration between caregivers and the EU facilitators that seeks to present many new options for dealing with the challenges an eating disorder presents.  
Taken from the research in the eating disorder field, family members have an opportunity to discuss and practice evidence-based methods to help their loved one recover.

Supporting lasting recovery

through empowering caregivers

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About Us

Empowered U is founded by two therapists and two dietitians passionate about empowering caregivers to support their loved one’s recovery using evidence based care.


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Are you a caregiver or parent needing support?

We are here to help

We offer a Caregiver Multi-Family Group

Virtual platform eliminating drive time and geographical limitations
Led by a trained FBT & EFFT therapist and dietitian
Mondays & Tuesdays for four consecutive weeks
4:30-7:30 PM CST 
24 total hours of support, empowering and encouraging caregivers

Cost: $3600. Please click 'apply' for further information


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