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Theresa Fassihi, PHD, FAED, CEDS-S


Theresa Fassihi, PHD, FAED, CEDS-S, is a clinical psychologist with more than 20 years of experience treating eating disorders at all levels of care. Dr. Fassihi was first exposed to FBT in 2001 at The Maudsley Hospital in London, where she did her first training in the model. She has since trained in Chicago with the team of Daniel LaGrange, at UCSD with Dr. Walter Kaye and his colleagues and Adele LaFrance. Dr. Fassihi is also a trauma specialist and recognizes how traumatic it can be to have an eating disorder and also to see a loved one struggling with an eating disorder. Part of the work towards recovery is learning to cope with the trauma.

Theresa Fassihi
Janice Poplack

Janice Poplack, LCSW-S, ACSW


Janice, is a clinical social worker specializing in family systems and mental health including Eating Disorders (ED,) has been in practice for more than 40 years. She graduated with a BS from Syracuse University and received a MSSW from Columbia University with post graduate training in psychoanalytic psychodynamic psychotherapy from the D.C. Institute of Mental Hygiene. Janice worked in community mental health in NYC, Washington DC and Houston, before joining the clinical staff at The Menninger Clinic in 2003, retiring from the Clinic in June of 2021. At Menninger, Janice served three years as the interim Director of the Eating Disorder Unit, and assisted in the development and supporting the work of the current ED Track. In 2009 Janice became Director of Clinic al Social Work, a position which promoted the importance the family can play in mental health treatment and recovery. Janice has presented at local and national conferences on a variety of topics including “ED: Fact and Fiction”; “Mentalizing Treatment for the Treatment ED Patients (with T Fasshihi, Ph.D).”; ”Treating the Complex ED Patient”; and “Family Matters: An Orientation to Family Therapy”.  Janice was honored at Menninger with an “Excellence in Social Work Leadership Award”, “The Arthur Mandelbaum Distinguished Educator’s Award” and, “Excellence in Patient Advocacy” recently named in her honor. Janice has been a member of The Academy of Eating Disorders, The National Eating Disorders Association, Houston Eating Disorder Specialists, The National Association of Social Workers, Houston  Psychoanalytic Society, and The American Group Psychotherapy Association. 

Brandi Powell

Brandi Powell, MS, RD, LD, CEDS-S

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Brandi Powell, MS, RD, LD, CEDS-S is a registered dietitian and certified eating disorders specialist and supervisor. She obtained a masters of science in nutrition and has worked in higher levels of care (including IOP and PHP). She currently runs a private practice in Pearland where she focuses on eating disorders and providing supervision/consultation to other dietitians. She began working with eating disorders in 2005 and is passionate about guiding her clients to fully recover. She has learned about FBT and EFFT through supervision, reading and attending educational sessions.

Jill Sechi

Jill Sechi, MS, RDN, CEDS-S, LD


Jill Sechi, MS, RDN, CEDS-S, LD obtained a BS degree in nutritional science from Texas A&M University. She also obtained a MS degree in nutrition and food management from The University of Central Oklahoma and has been a Registered and Licensed Dietitian since 1996. She is a CEDS-S and currently supervises other CEDS candidates through the first ever residency program for dietitians entering the field of eating disorders. Jill has gained experience in multiple areas of medical nutrition therapy. For almost two decades she has focused on eating disorders. Specialties and trainings include FBT (through UCSD in San Diego), EFFT (over 10 hours), ACT, CBT (Baylor University) and currently is being trained in RO-DBT. She currently owns a group practice in Katy, TX.

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