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Please note our Payment Policies:

  • Payment is expected in full before the first group.  

  • Refund granted with a 72 hour cancellation before first group minus a $15 service charge (credit card fees) for our Introduction group or $115 service charge (credit card fees and registration process) for our 4-week intensive.

  • Registrations outside of our 72 hour cancellation window are non-refundable for any service

  • No refunds for missed, forgotten groups or availability for partial attendance.

General Disclaimers with our Multi-Family Group Intensive:

  • Do not register if you can not participate fully and attend all four weeks and 16 hours of group. We understand some things come up and can address these concerns on a case-by-case basis during our time together. 
  • This does not take the place of a therapist and or dietitian understands Family Based Treatment to work with individually while you are attending the multi-family group intensive.  

To participate in our intensives, make sure you have completed our application process before completing payment (no need to complete to participate in our FBT Intro Course). 


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