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The “U” has a double meaning; it is short for “you” and
“university”. We want to provide families with a tremendous amount of
education. It may even feel like you are back in school!

Holding Hands

Why the "U?"

What is FBT and why do it?

FBT is a type of eating disorders treatment in which
families support their loved one at home by temporarily

taking full responsibility for feeding them so they can restore their health. As long as clients are medically stable, FBT can be an effective way to receive treatment without leaving home. Many families prefer this over having their loved one go to a treatment center.

Will my child who is struggling need
to attend these sessions?

No. All groups are for the client’s support system only.


Why do I need to be involved?

Even though many people with eating disorders
are very responsible and capable in other areas of their lives, they need help with eating. Eating disorders often cause illogical thinking and can feel like an unwelcome voice in their head. In addition many people experience shame and anxiety which makes balanced eating difficult. Family support helps to interrupt these dangerous eating cycles.

Why a group setting?

Group therapy can be very powerful. Participating in a
group offers the additional opportunity to learn from each other, as well as the group leaders. It is so helpful to know that you and your family are not alone and to be able to share in mutual support.

Support Group
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